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What is Obesity ?

  • 20 Nisan 2022, 11:32

What is Obesity?

Obesity can be defined as the excessive and abnormal accumulation of body fat. If a man or woman’s bodyweight is respectively 20% and 30% higher than it should be, he or she is considered obese. Adipose (fat) tissue excretes hormones and chemicals that affect the entire system. Some of these excretions increase appetite, elevate limits of feeling full and cause obesity to progress. For the effective diagnosis and treatment of obesity, firstly it is quite important to know where fat accumulates in the body. Obesity can generally be separated into two categories – apple and pear shaped. In apple type obesity, fat accumulates in the belly. Whereas in per shaped obesity, fat accumulates around the hips. Studies have shown that, compared to the hips, fat in the belly area is more likely to increase risk of developing dangerous health problems, especially cardiac disease. Men with a waistline of more than 94 cm are considered to have increased risk, while waistlines in excess of 102 cm are seen as high risk. In women, waistlines greater than 80 cm is increased risk and 88 cm is high risk.