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The operation, in which the dissatisfaction caused by the nose surgery is removed, is called the revision nose aesthetics. The operation is performed in case the targeted results are not reached with nasal aesthetics. It is aimed to improve the shape and function of the nose. With revision nose aesthetics, undesired bone and cartilage in the nose, the excess skin and deformations can be removed.

Who Needs to Have Revision Nose Aesthetics?

It is very important that people who apply for revision nose aesthetics have realistic expectations. All people who are dissatisfied with the previous rhinoplasty may refer to revision nose surgery. The first reason for not receiving satisfactory result in nose surgery is that people do not clearly explain their expectations to their doctors. It should be noted that each operation is individual. First of all, the general health of people and nose structures should be taken into consideration by the specialist. In addition to the dissatisfaction about the nose structure, some people may experience nasal aesthetics and difficulty in breathing.

Why Revision Nose Aesthetics is Applied?

Nose aesthetics are frequently preferred by people who have complaints about nasal appearance. In some cases, nose-like disturbances that people have after the rhinoplasty can be seen as a result of a blow to the nose. However, if people are dissatisfied, they can apply to revision nose aesthetics. People should clearly state their complaints about nasal shapes. Otherwise, results which do not satisfy again can be obtained. Revision nose aesthetics are the most common cases can be listed as follows;

  • Extreme carved nose back
  • Nose tip asymmetric
  • Nose growth
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Having a belt on the nose
  • Shutdown of the nose valve during deep breathing
  • Nose holes appearing due to overturned nose tip
  • The disproportion between the nose and the face
  • Failure of the nose tip is not adequately removed
  • Nose tip drop

Individuals with one or more of these conditions may apply to revision nose surgery. These people will receive successful results if they explain their expectations clearly and consult a doctor in the field. It must be taken into consideration that the operation must be carried out under sterile conditions.

Revision Nose Aesthetics How is it Applied?

People need to be realistic about their expectations first. A period of one to three hours may be observed during the operation. General anesthesia is preferred in surgery. Therefore, the person does not feel any pain during the operation. If small interventions are performed, local anesthesia can also be performed. Depending on the structure of the nose, it may be preferred by the doctor to apply the open or closed nose surgery technique. Open nasal surgery provides very successful results as the tissues of the nose are clearly accessible. It is often preferred.

In revision nose aesthetics, the patient’s complaints and expectations are learned by the specialist. It then performs the specialist examination and determines the appropriate surgical technique. The stages to be applied in the operation vary from person to person. The operation is performed successfully and the person is given an ideal nose view.

What is the process of recovery after revision nose aesthetics?

In revision nose aesthetics, less bumps and bruises occur when compared to the first nose surgery. People need cold compresses in order to see this swelling and bruise slightly. It is possible that people will experience mild severe pain after the surgery. These pain is mild enough to be removed with painkillers. People should consult their doctor before using any medication. The splint placed during the operation is usually taken one week after the surgery with the sutures. The elements to be considered during the recovery process can be listed as follows;

  • People should avoid as much as possible a blow to the nose.
  • People who do not work in jobs that require physical power can return to work after about a week. If the work requires physical force, people should always consult their physician before returning to work.
  • People should avoid physical activities during the first week.
  • They should avoid sunlight for the first two months.

What are the risks of revision nose aesthetics?

As in all surgical operations, revision nose aesthetics may also cause some complications. Among the complications; bleeding, infection grabbing, slow healing required, more than usual nasal discharge cases. If these complications occur, people should not worry, they should consult with their doctors.


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