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Our firm, which aims to provide its experience and knowledge to the sector with the healthcare services that it has initiated in 2018, is a member of TÜRSAB (The Association of Turkish Travel Agencies). The concept of health tourism that continues to advance both globally and in our country; focuses on customer expectations and satisfaction besides the patient treatments.

Supported by the latest technology; our services are shaped according to our experienced staff, affordable prices, meticulous planning, and patient satisfaction. Pre-op and post-op needs are satisfied rapidly with professional solutions. In the branches that we provide service, our contracted health care provider institutions and doctors have proved themselves with significant studies.

Our Mission

Our works aim to make high-quality healthcare services to be accessible by everyone and our services are provided in healthcare institutions that are equipped with the latest technology devices. Our first priority is completely meeting all needs and requirement of both patient’s and patient relatives’ during the treatment process. The treatment process that cares for patient rights and comfort is planned ahead by considering all possible problems.

Our Vision

Health tourism services, which we consider as a whole with our teams that consist of professionals, are provided by considering the sense of Turkish hospitality and ethical values. The processes regarding our patients; treatment planning, arriving in Turkey, treatment process, departing from the country and post-treatment services are executed with care.