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Beard Transplant

Beard Transplant

Beard Transplant In Turkey

Although being beardless is not important for most men, it is very annoying for some others. It causes the individual to experience both psychological and social bad feelings. Beard transplant is a very popular procedure across the world. People who come to us usually come with problems such as having beard that grows asymmetrically, having some areas which are completely beardless, or some sparse areas caused by scars. The technique used in the beard transplant procedure is the FUE technique. The procedure performed with this technique has no side effects, and can be performed at any age. The beard transplant procedure is usually performed in conjunction with sideburn transplant. The procedure is performed by harvesting follicles from the submandibular region, cheekbone region, and the neck, and then transplanting them to the sparse areas. Graft harvests performed delicately leaves no scars. After all these steps, the result to be achieved through beard transplant will be highly natural. Your beard will continue to grow immediately after the beard transplant procedure. You can begin to trim your beard with scissors or make it grow 15 days after the operation. It is recommended to do the first shaving after 1 month, in order to allow for the follicles to take hold sufficiently.

On whom is the beard transplant procedure performed?

The beard transplant procedure is performed on people called beardless (i.e. those who have very sparse beard), people whose beard grow asymmetrically, and people with partially or mostly weakened beard caused by traumatic or burn scars.

How long does the beard transplant procedure last?

The operation time of the beard transplant procedure varies depending on the size of the transplant area. It is a procedure usually completed within 1 to 6 hours. If the hair transplant area is big, more than one session may be needed.

Can I recover immediately after the beard transplant procedure? Does it leave a permanent scar?

The scabs that form after beard transplant will fall out within 10 days after the operation. The transplanted beard follicles will also fall out within 3 weeks. There is no need to worry about the falling out because it is required. Your beard will begin to grow very strongly and noticeably 3 months after the procedure. The beard transplant procedure will leave no permanent scar.

Will I be able to get back to my normal life immediately after the beard transplant procedure? What are the points that I should take into consideration after the procedure?

You can easily get back to your normal life immediately after the beard transplant procedure. There will be no reason to prevent this. The first week after the beard transplant is very important. You will need to be more attentive to the transplanted beard follicles in this period. You should avoid rubbing your face hard with your hands when washing your face; instead, you should gently splash the water on your face. You should then wait for the water to run downwards, and softly dab the towel to dry your face. You should protect your face from accidental impacts, and avoid lying in prone position when sleeping during the first postoperative week. It is important to be careful about all these, for being able to get a better result from the beard transplant procedure.

When will my transplanted beard begin to grow?

Your beard will fall out during the 3-week period after the completion of the beard transplant procedure. There is no need to worry about that falling out because it is required. Moreover, if your beard does not fall out 3 weeks after the operation, you can shave it yourself. After this falling out process, your beard begins to grow again, and you will get the full result by the end of the 10-month period.