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DHI Hair Transplant

DHI Hair Transplant

DHI Hair Transplant In Turkey

For a healthier, stronger and natural-looking hair, DHI hair transplant method is one of the most popular methods. In this technique, the grafts that are obtained from the back of the head are rapidly transplanted; allowing the operation to take only a short period of time. This also allows new hair to be stronger and healthier. In addition, there are no post-op elements that may cause any discomfort, such as sutures, incisions or scars. This is the most important advantage of the Direct Hair Implant technique. You can get professional help for this method in our center and get your strong and natural hair back.

DHI Method Wıth A Specıal Haır Transplantatıon System

As opposed to other hair transplantation methods, DHI method allows hair roots to be directly applied by using special tips. As a result, the operation is completed without any scars, incisions or sutures. Since there are no canals are opened in the receiving area, more hair roots from the donor area can be used for obtaining a coarse hair in this method. In other words, it allows to increasing the number of roots by making a more extensive transplant. This way, it is possible to have a completely healthy and natural-looking hair, even from close-up.

DHI Haır Transplant For Healthy And Strong Haır

We offer the best solutions for DHI hair transplant that we professionally provide in our private clinic. Thanks to this new generation method, donor hair roots are directly transplanted without opening holes by using special equipment, allowing much faster operation. Since the duration of grafts being kept out is minimized, the method yields a healthier and coarser hair.
Hair roots are transplanted to the scalp with special tips under the supervision of our specialists without any pain at all. This way, you can regain your confidence with your great hair. Simply contact us to get back your healthy hair at very affordable prices. We professionally execute the DHI method, which can be completed in a short time and which offers a short period of healing process.

DHI Haır Transplant Wıth Our Team Of Specıalısts

Since it requires hair roots to be transplanted one-by-one, DHI hair transplant method must be carried out meticulously and professionally. Our specialists professionally carry out this operation in our hair transplant center with a successful team. We are welcoming you for obtaining natural and successful results, minimizing the risk of scars and for getting a coarser hair.