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What is Lamine?

This treatment is a cosmetic solution for certain dental disorders which affect your appearance negatively. It basically improves the appearance of the front teeth with aesthetic problems by bonding them with very thin porcelain plates. The solid structure and unchanging colour of dental laminates is ideal for adding natural beauty and restoring natural functions. With laminate veneers, you can smile with confidence! Veneers are wafer-thin, semi-translucent plates made of porcelain. Veneers are prepared and meticulously placed onto the tooth. Front and exterior side of the tooth are bonded with a special resin (an intermediate adhesive), ensuring a perfect fit and solid attachment.

In which conditions is a Laminate treatment appropriate?

Laminate veneers are used to address changes in the colour and shape of the tooth, to a certain level. The major application areas are as follows:

  • When bleaching procedures are insufficient in correcting advanced changes in the tooth’s colour and structure, including staining due to antibiotic or fluorine use, etc.,
  • For joining separated teeth (closing diastema)
  • For restoring broken or eroded teeth,
  • For repairing old fillings with an altered colour and structure,
  • For the correction of oblique or curved teeth (as an orthodontic treatment alternative)
  • An alternative for cosmetic treatments.