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Oxygenated Hair Transplantation

Oxygenated Hair Transplantation

Turkey Oxygen Hair Transplant Treatment

Hyperbaric hair transplantation is a method oxygen used as the healing power in transplantation. Pure oxygen respiration increases the amount of dissolved oxygen in the blood. This can increase the rate of wound healing more than twice in our body.

The hyperbaric method, which has special oxygen chambers made by applying pure oxygen therapy to the patient, is frequently used for various disorders. Hyperbaric treatment after hair transplantation is called hyperbaric hair transplantation. Thus, wounds which are much smaller than the tip head and opened during the collection of the hair follicles, heals fast, hair follicles become stronger by feeding through oxygen therapy, and newly planted hair follicles starts adapt to their new location.

After hair transplantation process, we can see results in approximately 8 months to 1 year. This process is closely related to the rate of healing of the person’s body, the structure of the hair follicles and the rate of strengthening. In such cases, providing better feeding and strengthening to the hair follicles causes shortening of the waiting period.

Hyperbaric hair transplantation also increases the rate of dissolved oxygen in the blood and accelerates the healing process.