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PRP Treatment

PRP Treatment

PRP Treatment Turkey

PRP treatment for hair loss, which is carried out by using the patient’s own blood instead of any medication, provides effective results for rejuvenation of the aging cells. This method, which has a broad range of use such as hair loss, pain management, orthopedic problems, and skin rejuvenation, is carefully applied by the specialists in our clinic.

What is PRP Treatment?

A small amount of blood taken from the individual undergoes a special process to make the sample richer in plasma. Obtained plasma is given back to the body with injections. PRP treatment for hair, which recently became popular in our clinic, supports the natural rejuvenation process. This treatment, which doesn’t include any foreign substance or medication, is also used for the prevention of hair loss.

Why PRP Treatment?

This method is used for many different reasons and it is also effective for resolving the problems related to hair. PRP treatment for hair prevents hair loss while also making them stronger, thereby providing flexibility and shine to the hair on the application area. It is the most suitable method for the patients who desire successful results in a short time.

PRP Treatments For Hair

If there is a hair loss more than 150 strands daily, PRP treatment for hair loss is recommended. This application is highly effective in hair loss due to genetic factors since it nourishes and improves the hair roots. After this treatment, which enhances tissue regeneration, individuals can move on to their lives and there are no scars lefts on the treated area. Following the pre-examination studies made in our clinic, PRP treatment for hair is repeated;

  • In every 15 days
  • For 30 minutes a session
  • For 3-4 months.

After the treatment plan is successfully completed, it is recommended to repeat it once a year for an effective and permanent result. In the treatment that is specially designed for hair loss, the obtained plasma is injected to the sparse area with the nappage method. This method that provides tissue regeneration is completely pain-free.

What are the Side Effects of PRP Treatment?

Since the patient’s own blood is used for the PRP treatment, there is no risk of allergies. During the carefully carried out treatment in our clinic, our specialist doctors take the patient’s blood in a tube under sterile conditions. This sample is centrifuged for about 5 minutes. The obtained plasma-rich content is injected back to the patient.

The Advantages of PRP Treatment

One of the most important advantages of PRP treatment is its long-lasting effect. PRP treatment for hair, which is carried out easily and safely, supports every kind of vital functions. In order to prevent any kind of infection, the application must be made under suitable conditions by specialists.