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Revised Nose

Revised Nose

Why Revision Nose Aesthetics is Applied?

Nose aesthetics are frequently preferred by people who have complaints about nasal appearance. Nose-like disturbances that people have after the rhinoplasty can be a result of a blow to the nose in some cases. However, if people are dissatisfied, they can apply to revise nose aesthetics. People should clearly state their complaints about nasal shapes. Otherwise, results that are not satisfactory can be reached again. Revision nose aesthetics are the most common causes can be listed as follows;

Extreme carved nose back
Nose tip asymmetric
Nose growth
Difficulty in breathing
Having a belt on the nose
A shutdown of the nose valve during deep breathing
Nose holes appearing due to overturned nose tip
The disproportion between the nose and the face
Failure of the nose tip not adequately removed
Nose tip drop

Individuals with one or more of these conditions may apply for revision nose surgery. These people will receive successful results if they explain their expectations clearly and consult a doctor in the field. It has to be taken into consideration that the operation must be carried out under sterile conditions.