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Rhinoplasty Turkey

Nasal reconstructive surgery, i.e. rhinoplasty, is a surgical procedure performed to correct malformations and defects of    the nasal framework and soft tissues of the nose; correct nasal dysfunctions; or reshape the nose to make it look aesthetically more beautiful. Thanks to rhinoplasty, the size of the nose can be changed, nasal septum deviations can be eliminated, the nostrils can be narrowed,

the angle between the nasal base and upper lip can be improved, and the nasal tip can be lifted and reshaped.  All these  procedures

 to be performed on your nose are intended to make the shape of your nose harmonious with your overall facial structure, and permanently correct the defects of your nose. If necessary, structural defects obstructing the breathing function of your nose are corrected and respiratory passages are opened with rhinoplasty, as well. Rhinoplasty is definitely a surgical procedure, in which science and art come together.

Will I feel pain during rhinoplasty?

You will feel no pain during the rhinoplasty procedure, under the effect of anesthesia. After surgery, all patients are given analgesics for several days. You may have difficulty in breathing on the first postoperative night. However, you will be able to breathe more comfortably after the removal of the intranasal nasal dressings placed in your nose. Intranasal dressings can be removed the next day after surgery. You will feel no pain and discomfort after that.

At what age should one have rhinoplasty?

There is a lower age limit for rhinoplasty. This limit is 17 in in females, and 18 in males. There is no upper age limit for rhinoplasty. If you a serious nasal congestion is observed in children, and if that situation disturbs their development, surgical intervention can be performed at an early age.

Can I also get rid of my nasal breathing problem through a rhinoplasty operation intended for aesthetic purposes?

Yes, you can both get your nasal breathing problem solved and get the shape of your nose corrected for aesthetic purposes during the same rhinoplasty operation. You can get your nose reshaped to ensure that it looks harmonious with your face, and also allows for comfortable breathing.

Will rhinoplasty leave scars on my nose?

As you know, every incision made on the skin leaves a scar. However, those big surgical scars that come to your mind when you hear the term “surgical scar” will not exist after rhinoplasty. Each incision and suture in rhinoplasty will be invisible because they will be made extremely carefully. Rhinoplasty operations can be done in two ways as open and closed operations. In a closed operation, incisions will not be visible because they will be made in your nose. An open rhinoplasty operation will live a small scar on nasal base. If there is a condition that required an open operation, the patient will be duly informed in advance.

Will I be able to get back to my normal life immediately after rhinoplasty?

You will be able to go home and continue your normal life immediately after rhinoplasty. After surgery, you will be able to easily breathe by means of the fine silicone to be placed in your nose. You may stay under our supervision for about an hour after your rhinoplasty operation, and then you will be able to go home with your companion. Nevertheless, we recommend you to spend the first postoperative day under our supervision at the hospital.